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Promoting Cultural and Educational Activities through the Arts

Historic Deadwood-Lead Arts Council

Historic Deadwood-Lead Arts Council
PO Box 595
422 W. Main
Lead, SD 57754


Karen Everett - Director


Natasha Fuller, President
Chad Hanna, Vice President
Janell Agan, Secretary/Treasurer
Connie Carr
Christle Robinson
Lynn Namminga
Joan Irwin
Erik Olsby
Welcome to the arts in Deadwood, Lead and Central City! In 2008, The Historic Deadwood Lead Arts Council celebrates its 18th year of bringing quality art programming to the Northern Hills.

The arts do so much for our community because:
  1. Children learn better. Arts education programs in most of our schools help students acquire knowledge in a variety of effective ways, using the arts to teach other core curricula subject.
  2. Arts performances bring people to town. Whether its an annual festival or a holiday musical, people turn out to see and hear arts activities - and those people spend money while they are in town.
  3. Community pride is boosted. Dyi ng towns have no arts opportunities. Thriving towns have lots of them. Communities which sponsor the arts have something to brag about - and something to grow each year.
  4. Economic development is served. Business and families who work in them don't come to a state or community with no leisure activities, no recreational programs and no quality of life. The arts are the basis of so much that we do outside of our worklife. When we support the arts, we support a stronger economic base for the community."
Established in 1990, the Historic Deadwood-Lead Arts Council (HDLAC) evolved from a small group of optimistic organizers into a 100-member, nonprofit (tax paying) agency supporting artistic efforts throughout the communities of Deadwood, Lead & Central City. HDLAC is managed by a part-time director and a volunteer Board of approximately 10 individuals who are proud of the accomplishments and success HDLAC has achieved in the past 18 years.

Today the Historic Deadwood-Lead Arts Council is responsible for many events that bring a little joy, excitement and great entertainment to our community. Events include community theatre, Lego contest for kids, monthly exhibits, quilt show, classes, Gospel Show, art shoppe, art contests, free craft projects for kids, etc.

HDLAC is funded by grants from the South Dakota Arts Council (support is provided with funds from the State of South Dakota, through the Department of Tourism and State Development, and the National Endowment for the Arts), Adams-Mastrovich Family Foundation, City of Deadwood and the City of Lead.

The mission of the Historic Deadwood Lead Arts Council is to "promote educational and cultural activities through the arts!"

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